The Niro IFD? - New Sanitary Spray Dryer for the Chemical Industry

The Niro IFDÙ - New Sanitary Spray Dryer for the Chemical Industry
15th May 2006
Niro A/S
Niro has recently introduced its new Integrated Filter Dryer (IFDÙ) for use in the chemical industry. It has all the advantages of its FSDÙ (Fluidized Spray Dryer) predecessors for the manufacture of dustless agglomerated powders with improved flow and dispersal properties, but now with an improved GMP and sanitary design, CIP-ability and product containment.
The new IFDÙ has already proven its capabilities successfully throughout the food industry and has now fulfilled all its goals for chemical production.
The IFDÙ features a novel spray drying concept where all powder contact functions, including spray drying, post drying and cooling, as well as filtration of exhaust process gas, are incorporated into a single vessel. This reduces the space requirement, makes the IFDÙ easier to clean than previous models, provides better product containment and gives more effective fire and dust explosion protection.
A recent case study illustrates the importance of the IFDÙ to the chemical industry:
Recently, one of the worldÌs leading manufacturers of fine chemicals needed to expand its production capacity to satisfy increased demand for the companyÌs food ingredients and pharmaceutical products. The existing production facilities included a Niro FSDÙ. There was insufficient space to accommodate another FSDÙ plant, and the additional costs of a new building would seriously reduce the profitability of the production expansion.
To solve the problem Niro suggested the IFDÙ. A detailed pilot plant investigation was performed proving that the IFDÙ-product quality was compatible with that from the existing FSDÙ, and detailed lay-out study demonstrated that the IFDÙ could be housed within the available building. The IFDÙ plant has now been constructed, installed, successfully started up and handed over to production.
Further information on the IFDTM and other Niro products is available on the Niro web site on: and through your local Niro contact.
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