The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAM)
The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), founded in 1967, is a unique alliance of over 6,000 members united by the common goal of increasing the understanding and beneficial use of medical instrumentation.
AAMI is the primary source of consensus and timely information on medical instrumentation and technology
AAMI is the primary resource for the industry, the professions, and government for national and international standards.
AAMI provides multidisciplinary leadership and programs that enhance the ability of the professions, health care institutions, and industry to understand, develop, manage, and use medical instrumentation and related technologies safely and effectively.
AAMI helps members:
contain costs
keep informed of new technology and policy developments
add value in health care organizations
improve professional skills, and enhance patient care.
AAMI provides a unique and critical forum for members who cover a complete range of interests, from clinical and biomedical engineers and technicians, physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators, to educators and researchers, manufacturers, distributors, government representatives and other health care professionals with an interest in medical devices. These diverse groups have been instrumental in making AAMI the leading source of essential information on medical devices and equipment for over 30 years.
AAMI fulfills its mission through:
continuing education, conferences
certification of health care technical specialists
the publication of technical documents, periodicals, books, software.
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