Synco Announces facilities Upgrade
Synco Announces facilities Upgrade
22nd April 2005
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 22 April 2005 ? Synco-BioPartners, a leading, contract manufacturing organisation, announced today the major expansion and upgrade of its biopharmaceutical production facilities in the Netherlands. This latest phase in the Company?s growth will strengthen its position at the forefront of the development and manufacture of recombinant proteins and vaccines in Europe.
This is of major strategic importance as part of SynCo?s on-going investment in consolidating it?s position at the cutting edge of high-tech biologicals manufacturing. Specifically, the improvements will focus on lyophilisation, vial filling and capping to double throughput in response to growing customer demand to 3600 units per hour.
Pierre Warffemius, CEO commented, ?SynCo-BioPartners has an excellent track-record as a reliable partner with an excellent biopharmaceutical production history spanning more than15 years. We know that our customers will be pleased at today?s announcement as this investment is part of an ongoing plan to maintain our position at the leading edge of technology and enable us to offer our customers a premium quality of service. We are developing and expanding our physical capacity and in parallel are ensuring that we also enhance our technological offerings?.
Building works are due to start in June 2005, with completion and validation in July and August. The first customer projects are due to enter the facility in September 2005.
Notes to Editors:
SynCo BioPartners is focused on the manufacture and development of biopharmaceuticals and has a track record of expertise in the production of recombinant proteins and vaccines. SynCo BioPartners offers a fully integrated range of services in manufacturing and supports biopharmaceutical companies from the earliest stage in process development, through clinical trials to market supply. Established in 2000 and privately owned, SynCo collaborates with a number of leading biopharmaceutical companies, in Europe and the USA. Approximately 100 employees are based at the company?s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Amsterdam, NL. Here, SynCo?s activities include analytical and process development for new products, manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for licensed products and clinical trials, and sterile filling and lyophilization (for clinical trials and market supply).
SynCo Services in Fill and Finish
SynCo BioPartners B.V. offers a specialist service for aseptic filling and lyophilization of biopharmaceuticals. With a 15 year track record of experience in the field, Synco works with small and large organizations world wide, filling biopharmaceuticals for clinical trials, and market supply
The filling and finishing area (225m2) includes an aseptic filling room (class A in B), two preparation areas (class C), one finishing room (class D) and a de-packing room for vials.
F&F is equipped with all standard equipment for pharmaceutical operations, including a vial washer, stopper siliconizer and washer, double door steam sterilizer, double door dry heat oven.
Filling and Capping: Flexicon, FMB 210 Monobloc, 3600 units per hour, integrated filling and capping, fully disposable product-contact parts, rapid clean and product change cycle.
Lyophilization: Edwards, 1M2 Steam Sterilisable Lyophilizer, with automatic stopping device and clean in place.
Standard Batch sizes:
2R (3 ml) vial: 18,000 per batch (Fill and Lyophilize)
6R (5 ml) vial: 10,000 per batch
20R (20 ml) vial: 6,000 per batch
Labeling and Packaging: SynCo offers a limited labeling and packaging service.
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