Supercritical Fluids - Thar Technologies
Supercritical Fluids - Thar Technologies
Thar Technologies, Inc. is a leading supplier of supercritical fluid technology and equipment because it provides complete concept-through-commercialization solutions through cross-platform teams of its four divisions and guarantees customer satisfaction every step of the way.
Thar Instruments
Thar provides analytical, laboratory and pilot scale systems and system components. From phase equilibria to chromatographic equipment, extraction to reaction, and counter current column to particle formation equipment, Thar Instruments is a one-stop shop for supercritical fluid equipment.
Thar Labs
Thar provides application support for all customers through process, phase and pilot scale studies. Additionally, Thar Labs conducts proprietary research and toll processing services. Examples of Thar Labs' involvement in supercritical fluid processes are nutraceutical extraction, spice extraction, lecithin deoiling, phospholipid separation, electronic hardware cleaning and a host of other applications.
Thar Process
Thar extends Thar's base supercritical fluid technology for small-scale systems to large-scale production systems and facilities. In the USA, Thar Process has designed and built two GMP-certified plant-scale systems, and is currently working on another large-scale system. Turnkey facilities outside of the USA include extraction facilities in Malaysia and India, a polymer cleaning unit in Thailand, and another project currently underway.
Thar Particle Designs
Thar develops new technologies for the formation and design of fine particles, primarily for use pharmaceutical and drug delivery applications. Both organic and inorganic materials are ideal for this environmentally benign technology. Special emphasis has been placed on nanopowder formation in order to fulfill newly-evolving specialized drug delivery objectives.
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