Students Take Smarts To State Science Fair
Students Take Smarts To State Science Fair
Jason DeRusha reports
Apr 4, 2005
St. Paul (WCCO) Hundreds of Minnesota kids will be showing off their science smarts Monday at the Minnesota Academy of Science State Fair.
The fair is held at the Radisson Riverfront in St. Paul.
Meredith Pearcy is one of the entrants. She knows about fluorochrome-labeled antibodies and disaccharide excipient.
?Basically, what that means is that I used protective agents called excipients to retain the antibody activity of antibodies that have been labeled fluorochromes using lyophilization, which is freeze-drying,? Pearcy explained.
Yeah, what she said. Other projects are a little easier to understand.
According to one researcher, Alka-Seltzer works best. Another researcher claims warm water gets stains out better than cold water.
Craig Hawes is a senior from Perham High School. He?s on his 18th prosthetic arm since birth. He said they are uncomfortable, so he engineered a better one.
Science fairs may be filled with stereotypes, but these kids dissolve the perceptions.
Lacey Erickson is Miss Teen Minnesota.
?I get that all the time,? Erickson said. ?You?re in beauty pageants, how can you be at the science fair??
Sixty percent of the state finalists are girls.
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