Stabilization of a freeze-dried recombinant streptokinase formulation without serum albumin
Stabilization of a freeze-dried recombinant streptokinase formulation without serum albumin
August 2004
M. L?pez MSc, L. R. Gonz?lez MSc, N. Reyes MSc, J. Sotolongo MSc, V. Pujol MSc and Kethia Aroche TechCenter for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Havana, Cuba
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics
Volume 29 Issue 4 Page 367
Blackwell Synergy
Aim: To evaluate the stability and content homogeneity of a new freeze-dried and albumin-free formulation of recombinant streptokinase (SKr) that has recently been approved by the Cuban National Center for the Quality Control of Medicaments.
Materials and methods: The new formulation was stored at the intended recommended storage temperature of 4 ?C, and under accelerated storage conditions (37 ?C). The stability of the product was also examined after reconstitution and storage at room temperature (28 ?C) for 24 h. Samples were periodically subjected to biological activity assays (S-2251 chromogenic-substrate method or in vitro clot-lysis assay), sodium dodecyl sulphate/polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS/PAGE), pyrogen and sterility testing, abnormal toxicity screening, organoleptic evaluation, and measurement of residual moisture and pH.
Results and discussion: Accelerated storage (37 ?C) data showed biochemical stability of SKr throughout the 6-month study with activity, remaining between 90 and 110% of its nominal value (0?75 106 IU/mL). SDS/PAGE-determined purity showed that SKr remained above 97 %. Furthermore, the formulation was non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, sterile and organoleptically acceptable. Real-time storage data confirmed the excellent biochemical long-term (30 months) stability of the new formulation of SKr. Comparison with other freeze-dried preparations showed that the new formulation was organoleptically better. The formulation was stable after reconstitution and storage at 28 ?C for 24 h. The content homogeneity of this new formulation was also satisfactory.
Conclusions: This study demonstrated the stability and the content homogeneity of this formulation, despite the absence of albumin as stabilizer.
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