SWIRL FLUIDIZER? - Transforms Pastes, Cake and Viscous Liquids into Powder

SWIRL FLUIDIZERÙ - Transforms Pastes, Cake and Viscous Liquids into Powder
15th May 2006
Niro A/S
The new SWIRL FLUIDIZERÙ from Niro A/S in Copenhagen transforms pastes, filter cake and highly viscous liquids into a fine, homogeneous powder in a single process step.
The concept involves homogenising the feed material in a feed tank. The homogenised feed is then introduced to the drying chamber continuously at a controlled rate. Process air, heated to the optimal thermal efficiency for each operation (beware that some products are heat sensitive), is then introduced into the drying chamber. The exhaust can be via a Niro cyclonic bag filter or, for special operations, the SANICIPÙ bag filter system with integrated wet cleaning in place.

The SWIRL FLUIDIZERÙ is now available in the Niro Test Centre in Copenhagen allowing Niro customers to evaluate this technique without the need to invest in the plant itself. The test centre will provide full product and process evaluation to help customers perfect products while comparing Swirl Fluidization against alternative technologies. The test centre is also able to process batches of customers' products for short run projects.
See the SWIRL FLUIDIZERÙ at ACHEMA 2006 - Hall 4.0 Stand No. D13 Ò G22.
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