SBE's First International Conference on Biomolecular Engineering - January 14-18, 2007

SBE's First International Conference on Biomolecular Engineering
January 14-18, 2007
Coronado Island Marriott Resort
Coronado Island, California
"Integrating Biological Design Principles, from Molecules to Cells"
The Society for Biological Engineering (SBE) invites you to submit your abstract for our First International Conference on Biomolecular Engineering (ICBE). This conference brings together researchers using quantitative approaches to advance the understanding and application of biology at the molecular level. These approaches are contributing to the development of analytical, diagnostic, and therapeutic strategies that are directly relevant to public health. The meeting will also stimulate efforts to integrate these approaches across the molecular, cellular, and higher scales of biological complexity.
Conference topics:
Engineering Functional Biomolecules
Engineering therapeutic proteins
Improving efficacy, folding, delivery, and stability
Enzyme engineering and industrial process applications of engineered proteins
Design and synthesis of RNA and small molecules as diagnostic and therapeutic reagents
Reagents for detection and quantification of biomolecules
Molecular nanobiotechnology
Molecular Interactions and Intracellular Pathways
Evolutionary and combinatorial approaches to metabolic pathway and strain improvement
Live-cell imaging and single-molecule imaging
Intracellular and intercellular signaling pathways and networks
MEMS, microfluidics, and microscale analyses of molecular and cellular function
Computational approaches to engineering cell function and therapeutic interventions
Systems Biology and Multi-scale Integration
Genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic profiling of cell function
Novel high-throughput methodologies for whole-cell profiling
Design of synthetic biological circuits and pathways
Advances in bioinformatics
Multi-scale modeling and computational methods for systems biology
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You may also contact the Conference Chairs
Jason Haugh
North Carolina State University
Matt DeLisa
Cornell University
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