Rotary Atomizer for GMP Spray Drying

Rotary Atomizer for GMP Spray Drying
15th May 2006
Niro A/S
The new Rotary Atomizer Type F1.5X from Niro is the first of its type that meets cGMP requirements for the spraying of pharmaceutical products during the drying process.
The F1.5X is a compact atomizer for use with pharmaceutical spray dryers. It includes a number of design features for efficient operation and to enable the entire unit to be sterilised quickly and effectively for re-use.
Design features include:
? EX-classification for classified environment;
? Sanitary design making it easy to clean and inspect;
? Tri-Clamp connections for fast, simple dismantling;
? Purge air connection for the separation of the product zone;
? Provision for hot air sterilisation of all product contact parts.
The F1.5X has a wheel speed of 10,500 ? 30,000rpm, can handle a feed rate of 1-120kg/h of product, and has a tachometer fitted as standard and complies with all relevant GMP regulations.
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