Rapid Freeze Drying with High Condenser Loading
Rapid Freeze Drying with High Condenser Loading
June 2005
Biopharma Process Systems
The latest addition to the VirTis freeze dryer range is ideal for pilot scale bulk freeze drying applications, particularly those which require rapid freeze-drying and high condenser loading. The VirTual model is base upon the successful
VirTis Ultra model, providing important features such as, large shelf surface area to footprint ratio and a robust 50 litre internal coil condenser. The standard unit measures just 127cm W x 193cm H x 99cm D.
Available from freeze drying specialists BIOPHARMA PROCESS SYSTEMS the VirTual model is capable of condensing 20 litres of water in 24 hours, preventing any vapour impedance during bulk drying. Although the condenser is an internal
coil, the chamber has been specifically designed to allow the condenser to be isolated, this enables pressure rise tests to be carried out to give an indication of the end of drying. This is achieved by lowering the bottom shelf of the unit, which effectively seals off the condenser from the rest of the chamber.
The VirTual can be supplied with 4 to10 shelves, providing up to 1.42m2 of shelf area. Latching kits are also available which allow for easy change of shelf spacing to suit different requirements. All units are available as either
bulk configuration or with hydraulic stoppering. There are three different refrigeration options available, offering condenser temperatures from -53?C to -90?C and low shelf temperatures of -48?C to -70?C. All condensers are fitted with a hot gas defrost system to ensure fast turn-around. Flexibility, impressive processing power and a small footprint make the VirTual freeze dryer the ideal, competitively priced option for pilot scale bulk freeze drying applications.
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