'RNAi-2007-Boston' Meeting 02/05/07 - 04/05/07
'RNAi-2007-Boston' Meeting 02/05/07 - 04/05/07
Waltham, MA
Main themes: RNA interference: Biochemistry to Drugs & Therapeutics.
The Biochemical Genetics of RNAi and microRNAs
? RNAi Biochemistry and Mechanisms in various organisms
? New vectors for RNAi delivery in vivo, in vitro
? microRNAs discovery and their diverse roles in biology
? Computational and Disease Biology of miRNAs
? Drug Target identification and Validation
? High throughput genome-wide screenings
? Innovative strategies to develop anti-viral, ocular and cancer therapeutics

Main speakers: Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Phillip Zamore.
Speakers include Chris Burge of MIT, Richard Schultz of UPenn
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