Preparation of helical peptide monolayer-coated gold nanoparticles

Preparation of helical peptide monolayer-coated gold nanoparticles
Received 6 January 2005; accepted 26 February 2005. Available online 9 April 2005.
Nobuyuki Higashi, , Jun Kawahara and Masazo Niwa
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Volume 288, Issue 1 , 1 August 2005
Department of Molecular Science & Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Doshisha University, Kyo-tanabe, Kyoto 610-0321, Japan
We describe herein the preparation of polypeptide (poly(?-benzyl-l-glutamate)) monolayer-covered gold nanoparticles (PBLG(n)SSÒAu). Two types of PBLG(n)SS having PBLG segment length n=20 and 50 were synthesized and successfully attached to the gold nanoparticle surface using the BrustÒSchiffern method. The mean sizes of PBLG(n)SSÒAu particles and their gold cluster cores in CHCl3, which were evaluated by means of dynamic light scattering and TEM, respectively, demonstrated that the gold cluster surfaces were covered with PBLG monolayers, and their conformation was found to be mainly in a-helix on the basis of FT-IR spectroscopy.
Keywords: Gold nanoparticle; Peptide; a-Helix; Monolayer; Gold plasmon
Corresponding author. Fax: +81 774 65 6844.
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