Preparation and evaluation of a liposomal formulation of sodium cromoglicate
Preparation and evaluation of a liposomal formulation of sodium cromoglicate
January 2003
M. S. Nagarsenker and V. Y. Londhe
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 251, Issues 1-2, 30 January 2003, Pages 49-56
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Sodium cromoglicate (SCG) is given by inhalation in prophylactic control of asthma. It was encapsulated in liposomes with a view to improve utilization of the drug when given via pulmonary route. The liposomes were characterized for encapsulation efficiency, shape, size and release rate. Liposomal dispersions were freeze-dried using a cryoprotectant. Freeze-dried liposomal dispersion retained 60% of drug upon reconstitution but increase in size of liposomes was noted. Liposomes exhibited good keeping properties when stored at 4 ?C. In vivo performance of liposomal SCG was evaluated in sensitized guinea pigs. In one of the studies, differential leukocyte count and total leukocyte count in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid was measured. Liposomal dispersion showed significant inhibition of influx of neutrophils as compared with drug solution at 24 h. However, in the second study, when recovery period required by animal to revert back to normal respiratory pattern from the onset or preconvulsion time was measured, no significant difference was found between drug solution and liposomal dispersion when administered 2 h before allergen challenge.
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