New Laboratory Homogenizer: Twin Panda NS2002H
January 25, 2005
The Niro Soavi NS2002H Twin Panda table-top laboratory / pilot plant homogenizer for feasibility testing and process development in the food, food ingredients, and dairy industries.
Niro Soavi NS2002H Twin Panda laboratory / pilot plant homogenizer for feasibility testing and process development in the food, food ingredients, and dairy industries.
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The Twin Panda homogenizer is a tabletop model designed for the laboratory/pilot needs of companies processing food and dairy products. It is a unique unit, with the ability to process small volumes of liquids and pumpable fluids. The Twin Panda is designed to homogenize samples at pressures up to 8700 PSI. The internal design has special features permitting the homogenizer to handle feeds at high viscosity up to 20,000 cP and at temperatures up to 90?C (194?F) without any feeding pump.
The Twin Panda 600 homogenizer is an ideal piece of equipment, easy to commission and operate. It can easily be dismantled for maintenance and cleaning by the laboratory operator. Homogenization conditions can be optimized and the results used in scale-up to industrial operations.
The Twin Panda 600 homogenizer is supplied with an analog pressure gauge (0-600 bar). The feed system is by gravity through a feed funnel, without any feeding pump. For high viscosity products a pneumatic feeding system with jacketed stainless steel feeding hopper is available. The jacket can be used both for cooling and heating the test product. An integral stainless steel casing enables easy cleaning and maintenance. The standard toothed direct drive belt incorporates an AC high-duty motor which is supplied with a main switch including magnetothermic motor protection. The Twin Panda 600 is delivered ready to use complete with a set of special tools, spare parts, and operation/maintenance manual.
Main Features
Table-top, small sized lab / Pilot unit
Easy handling, use & maintenance
Electrical supply only, no water, no air
Pressure up to 600 bar (8,700 PSI) for food and dairy laboratory trials
Integrated motor starter
Suitable for VSD
Gravity feed, no pump required
Camshaft power end with grease permanent lubrication, timing belts direct drive
Hand-wheel operated homo valve, 1 or 2 stages
Analog pressure gauge
Painted steel frame and with removable stainless steel panels
Same gaskets as Panda 2K, no water lubrication
Technical Specifications
30 l/h @ 600 bar (8 gallon/h @ 8,700 PSI), either @ 50 and 60 Hz
2x10 mm ceramic or detonated plungers
Stroke 22 mm (0.8861 inch), approx. 162 rpm
4.5 KW 8 poles IEC motor, frame size 112M
Tri-Clamp ?? in /out connections to product line
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Ron Tuckner, Niro Inc. Division Manager
To assist both Universities and Corporate Research & Development departments in pursuing the study of the ever-increasing interest in specialty functional food ingredients, Niro Soavi (Niro Inc) offers a wide range of feasibility- and process development-scale homogenizer pilot plants. The Niro Soavi range of homogenizer pilot plants includes models small enough and economical enough for very small-scale feasibility testing to small-scale production simulation units. This wide range of plant size allows opportunity for evaluation of not only technical but commercial feasibility. The results from Niro Soavi laboratory homogenizers are directly scalable to full-scale production units. The Niro Soavi range of pilot plant is available for purchase or for short-term lease. For additional information about Niro Soavi and our products and services, please call / e-mail us at (715) 386-9371 /
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