New Dry Vacuum Pump for Industrial Processes
Date:10 March 20
New Dry Vacuum Pump for Industrial Processes
BOC Edwards has extended its range of high speed, high capacity, dry vacuum pumps with the launch of the IDX1000. Based on their third generation double-ended screw technology, the pump has been designed to provide reliable operation and low cost of ownership, in harsh industrial applications such as metallurgy and roll coating.
Designed as a ?dry? system, the IDX1000 has no lubricants under vacuum. This means there is no possibility of process contamination which can occur both within the oil - which affects the performance of the pump - or in some extreme cases, the final product. IDX1000 reduces environmental impact, as regular replacement of contaminated oil is not required - eliminating the need to dispose of oil in line with, often costly, environmental guidelines.
Traditionally demanding processes, such as steel degassing, involve large chambers that require a fast pump down speed to reach the target pressure quickly. The IDX1000?s, 950m3/hr. capacity combined with its dust handling capabilities are ideal for these harsh industrial applications. On particularly dusty applications a range of filter options are available to complement main system separation.
Traditional screw designs suffer from problems created by axial forces on the bearing, particularly when handling liquid slugs or viscous oils and tars. The IDX1000 bearing and gearbox lubrication system uses cooled, filtered oil and the double-ended design, that forms part of BOC Edwards? third generation screw technology, eliminates the axial forces. The result is extended bearing life and, in case of process upset, excellent liquid handling capability. There is no need for special coatings ? which can wear out - and variable pitch geometry provides staged compression along the length of the screw, resulting in lower running temperatures and power consumption.
The new IDX1000 complements BOC Edwards extensive range of vacuum pumps and follows the launch of the CDX1000 for chemical applications last year.
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