Monoclonal Antibodies May 17-18, 2007

Monoclonal Antibodies May 17-18, 2007
Boston, MA
Monoclonal antibodies are quickly becoming key resources in the therapeutic, diagnostic and drug discovery fields. With the phenomenal growth in the market for monoclonal antibodies, it becomes even more critical to explore diverse methods of design, production and application of technologies to provide the antibodies needed. This conference will provide researchers with key updates on important developments in the monoclonal antibody field covering generation, optimization, therapeutics, drug discovery research, and in vivo diagnostics.
Topics which may be included are:
Pharmaceutical/drug discovery applications
Successful therapeutic case studies
Target characterization and validation
Novel expression methods
Engineering better mAb characteristics
Optimizing yields
Novel immunization methods (like cDNA)
Use of different species for fusion/new fusion partner cell lines
Researchers are encouraged to submit a title and short 3-5 sentence summary of your data, suitable for use in the program brochure should your abstract be selected for oral presentation. Please include full contact information for the presenter.
Tel: 781-972-5471
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