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Research Solutions
MetaPress provides access to hundreds of thousands of articles from hundreds of journals, newsletters and other professional and academic publications. With rich searching and intuitive design, MetaPress allows researchers to identify and acquire the information they need.
Publishing Solutions
MetaPress is a service of Publisher Promotion & Fulfillment, a division of EBSCO Industries, Inc..
Through MetaPress and PP&F, EBSCO offers a wide array of publisher services, both traditional and electronic.
Promotion and fulfillment coordination-a unique combination
Many publishers hire an agency just for fulfillment or one just to handle promotions. This usually works fine for the most part, but somewhere along the line the coordination breaks down-and usually at a critical point: a special promotion the fulfillment company can't handle, or if they can they want to charge more, etc. But with Publisher Promotion & Fulfillment, those problems do not exist. Promotions are created and fulfillment is made all in one seamless, coordinated process-from the same building.
PP&F's success is directly tied to your success: there's no charge to transfer your subscriber and expire list; there's no charge to create a new subscription promotion package; there's no charge to create a new renewal series; there's no charge for the 800 number; there's no up-front charge for anything. We work on commission without up-front payment or fees of any kind. To find out if this service is for you, visit our website at for further details, or direct personal emails to Mark Williams or Mike Margotta.
MetaPress-your electronic content management solution
MetaPress offers you a new way to publish electronically regardless of your present content format. Whether it is simple hosting, seamless integration with an existing site, or even building a complete web application to give you the secure and professional presence on the web that you deserve, MetaPress can create a custom solution to fit your publishing needs.
With the MetaPress sensible price approach, you pay for service based on the way you publish and pay only for those services that you use. To learn more, contact either Josh Pyle or Mark Williams today.
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