International Pharmaceutical Federation
International Pharmaceutical Federation
PO Box 84200
2508 AE The Hague
The Netherlands
International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
FIP is a world-wide federation of national pharmaceutical (professional and scientific) associations, with a mission to represent and serve pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences around the globe. Through its member associations, FIP connects, represents and serves more a million pharmacists and pharmaceu-tical scientists around the world. FIP was founded in The Hague, The Netherlands, in 1912 and still has its central office in The Hague. Although FIP is a federation of associations, any pharmacist or pharmaceutical scientist can apply to become an Individual Member of FIP.
FIP is more than ninety years old. As an organisation, it has taken on new activities over the years and has grown in size. FIP works with its members in mind and is implementing positive changes to better serve its members.
FIP activities are designed to improve the long-term effectiveness of patient care. It has actively worked towards the WHO goal of health for all, and intends to continue to do so. Do you want to become involved with the world of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences? Do you want to find out more about FIP? Then contact us.

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