Innovation in Drug Delivery - September 30 - October 3, 2007

Innovation in Drug Delivery
from biomaterials to devices
Naples, Italy - September 30 - October 3, 2007
Nowadays, no new drug comes out without its own delivery system. To perform the delivery regimen in dependence on the administration route requires new excipients and innovative dosage forms. The conference will address the fundamentals of drug delivery systems, i.e. biomaterials and devices. Biomaterials will include polymers, lipids and other macromolecules. The 1st Conference on ??Innovation in Drug Delivery: From Biomaterials to Devices?will take place in Naples, the 3rd largest Italian city. Located 185 km southwards from Rome, Naples is one of the world?s most important art towns, with a history dating back to the Greek and Roman period.With Vesuvius in the background, Naples is stretched around the beautiful bay of Naples, beyond islands like Capri and Ischia. The conference is jointly organized by the ADRITELF (Associazione Docenti e Ricercatori Italiani di Tecnologie e Legislazione Farmaceutiche), Italy, and the APGI (Association de Pharmacie Gal?nique Industrielle), France. We would like to thank Prof. Maria Immacolata La Rotonda and her research group at the
University of Naples Federico II for all their support in organizing this event.
Prof. Ubaldo Conte Prof. Elias Fattal
President of ADRITELF President of APGI
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