INSIGHT will be a monthly feature of our web page. It will contain information that will either enhance the readers understanding of the lyophilization process or its associated equipment and instrumentation or provide technical tips that the reader may find helpful. The selection of the topics will be based on current needs of the industry or requested by popular demand by the readers of this web page. We certainly encourage your participation in the selection of the topics.
Although lyophilization is a widely used process throughout the world, there is no common forum where there can be a sharing of information or even a difference of opinion. If you have comments, favorable or even unfavorable, regarding this issue of INSIGHT and wish to share them with others, then e-mail your comments to Dr. Thomas A. Jennings . Each month there is a separate page devoted to appropriate comments regarding a previous issue. In order to have your comment considered for publication, you must include your full name and e-mail address.
Our current issue is Volume 6 No.11 The objective of the INSIGHT is not to cast the process in a negative light but alert the unwary that what may appear to be a simple process is one which is highly complex and why there is such a need for more research in this field to guarantee what we did today we can repeat tomorrow. For previous issues of INSIGHT visit the INSIGHT Journal.
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