Genome Instability and Repair January 17-22, 2007

Genome Instability and Repair January 17-22, 2007
Breckenridge, Colorado
Genomic instability is a key event in aging, cancer and some heritable diseases. Highly conserved pathways have evolved to detect the presence of genome damage and to effect its repair. This meeting will explore recent advances in our understanding of the nature and causes of genomic instability, the mechanisms of DNA repair, and the consequences of failure in DNA repair with regard to human health and disease. The program will emphasize advances that provide mechanistic understanding of pathways that maintain genomic integrity, and the intersection of these pathways with normal cellular development, aging, and tumorigenesis. The molecular and mechanistic emphasis is designed to attract a broad cross-section of researchers. The goals of this meeting are to identify new avenues for investigation, to define therapeutic strategies for maintenance of genomic integrity, to stimulate collaborations, and to foster the long-term development of this rapidly emerging research area by encouraging participation of young investigators.
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