GEA Diessel Fermentation Systems
March 3, 2005
GEA Diessel Fermentation Systems
GEA Liquid Processing is pleased to introduce the GEA Diessel series of modular Fermentation Systems for the biotechnology industries. The new GEA Diessel range is the result of corroboration between GEA Liquid Processing (and GEA Diessel in Europe) and their customers to bring to market a truly modular bio-processing system with special attention to sanitary design and construction, resulting in the utmost sterile integrity and dependable operation. The new GEA Diessel range is fully automatic in maintaining temperature, pH, agitator speed, etc. and will have several options for nutrient feed and oxygen dispersion. The GEA Diessel is equipped with an open architecture control system to give the owner full flexibility in the configuration of the process parameters. The standard range will be available in incremental sizes from 30 L to 1,500 L.
The new modular GEA Diessel series of Fermentation Systems compliments the existing range of unit operations with-in the GEA Liquid Processing group that includes filtration (GEA Filtration), cell disruption (Niro Soavi) and CIP (GEA LP). GEA Liquid Processing further supports the unit operation business by providing process integration services including P&ID development, detail engineering, automation, qualification, and project management of complete bio-processing systems.
Come visit GEA Liquid Processing at Interphex booth # 1537 and see a GEA Diessel 100 L Fermentation System.
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