FTS Systems Introduces new AirJet? XE Precision Temperature CyCling System
FTS Systems Introduces new AirJet? XE Precision Temperature CyCling System
February 1, 2005
Offers full mil-spec testing in a 120 volt benchtop unit.
FTS Systems announces the introduction of its new AirJet XE Precision Temperature Cycling System for temperature testing of electronic components and assemblies. This new generation of benchtop temperature forcing system is capable of temperatures from -75?C to 225?C.
According to FTS Director of Business Development, Bill Hanna, ?AirJet is the only forced air system that delivers full mil-spec temperature range in a benchtop platform that runs on standard 120 volt service, features the market has been requesting for some time.? Hanna adds, ?By incorporating a cascade dual stage refrigeration system we are able to build-in increased thermal performance and reliability. The AirJet is an excellent tool for the R&D lab, where space and facilities tend to be limited but robust temperature testing is increasingly important.?
AirJet XE also offers temperature transition speeds unmatched by other benchtop units, allowing users to reach target temperatures faster (+125C to -55C in 20 seconds). Accessories include an air dryer, bench stand, numerous shrouds, and a cart for mobility from one location to another.
? 120 volt operation
? For benchtop or mobile applications
? CFC and HCFC free dual stage refrigeration
? Uses off-the-shelf refrigerants with easy availability and economy.
? Choice of either IEEE-488 and RS485 remote interface
? External thermocouple for convenient temperature control and monitoring of DUT
? 40 programmable temperature profiles; 0.1?C increments.
About FTS Systems: For more than 30 years, FTS Systems has been a leading maker of innovative R&D, process development, pilot and production freeze-dryers, and other thermal management systems. Based in Stone Ridge, NY, FTS is a Celerity Group, Inc. company.
Stone Ridge, NY
Contact: Bill Hanna
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