F1000 Rotary Atomizer

F1000 Rotary Atomizer
15th May 2006
Niro A/S
Niro Launches the World?s Largest Atomizer
Niro A/S has launched the world?s largest rotary atomizer for spray drying operations ? the F1000, capable of production capacities well in excess of 135 tonnes per hour. The company expects the F1000 to find applications within the chemical industry and to be widely used in the area of flue gas desulphurization on power stations.
The F1000 is proven technology ? it?s just bigger than any previous rotary atomizer. Rotary atomizers are reliable, flexible, easy to use and very low maintenance. They can also handle a wide range of feed materials such as solutions, suspensions, emulsions and pumpable pastes.
The F1000 will find its niche in heavy-duty chemical applications that require very high throughput. Using the F1000 will allow designers to achieve the necessary processing capacity with a single unit thereby significantly simplifying the plant design, reducing maintenance costs and making the best possible use of the space available.
Within flue gas desulphurization the development of the F1000 enables Niro to design Spray Dryer Absorbers large enough to handle the flue gas from a 450 MWe coal fired power plant in a single absorber module.
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