European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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The European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is the official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS). The journal publishes research reports, review articles and scientific commentaries on all aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences with strong emphasis on originality and scientific quality. The Editors welcome articles in this multidisciplinary field, ranging from drug discovery, over drug delivery to drug development. More specifically, the Journal publishes reports in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, drug absorption and metabolism, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, drug delivery including gene delivery, drug targeting, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical biotechnology and clinical drug evaluation. Scientific commentaries and review articles are generally by invitation only or by consent of the Editors. Proceedings of scientific meetings may be published as special issues or supplements to the Journal. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal are only accepted on the understanding that (a) they are subject to editorial review (generally by two independent referees); (b) they have not been, and will not be, published in whole or in part in any other journal; (c) the recommendations of the Declarations of Helsinki and Tokyo, for humans, and the European Community guidelines as accepted principles for the use of experimental animals have been adhered to.
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