Engineering Protein Therapeutics for Delivery May 16-17, 2007

Engineering Protein Therapeutics for Delivery May 16-17, 2007
Boston, MA
There is enormous potential for innovative drug delivery approaches to expand the biologics pipeline. These approaches can improve pharmacokinetic properties and the route of delivery for large protein drugs. Increasing the success rate of novel therapeutic entities involves employing drug delivery solutions earlier in discovery. This is the only meeting focusing exclusively on protein and peptide drug delivery. Find out how the industry can employ novel delivery techniques to extend patent lives and meet the growing demand for hard-to-deliver drugs.
Topics to be Addressed Include (but are not limited to):
Novel Delivery Systems: Inhalation, Oral, Transdermal
New Ways to Measure or Predict Safety and Immunogenicity
In Vivo Studies of Efficacy and Pharmacokinetics
CNS Delivery
Targeting Strategies
Advanced PEGylation Techniques
Employing Gel Materials
Improving Stability
Novel Constructs and Conjugates
Fusion Proteins
Protein Optimization
Nanoparticle Delivery
Case Studies of Biotherapeutics in the Clinic
Regulatory Considerations and Guidance
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