ESACT 2007 - June 17 - 20, 2007

ESACT 2007
20th Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology
June 17 - 20, 2007 in Dresden/Germany
Welcome to the 20th meeting of ESACT
It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 20th Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT) which will be held from the 17th to the 20th of June, 2007, in Dresden, Germany.
ESACT has been at the forefront of cell culture science and technology since 1976 and is committed to bringing together scientists, engineers and other specialists who are active in the field. The Society promotes the communication of cutting edge developments in the biological sciences with current and future implications to animal cell technology and actively encourages the interaction among academic institutions, regulatory agencies and the cell culture biopharma and service industries. A trade exhibition ? the largest and best known of its kind ? forms an integral part of ESACT Meetings and promotes and underlines this interaction.
The baroque city of Dresden on the Elbe river surrounded by the rolling hills of Saxony, represents a monument of European history and culture. It sets an inspirational stage for the high level scientific and social interactions in the spirit of ESACT.
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