Determination of the stabilities of new quinazoline derivatives by HPLC

Determination of the stabilities of new quinazoline derivatives by HPLC
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Title: Determination of the stabilities of new quinazoline derivatives by HPLC

Authors: Baszczak-Switkiewicz, K.; Mikiciuk-Olasik, E.

Author affiliation: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Analysis, Medical University, Lodz 90-151, Poland

Serial title: Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies

Abbreviated serial title: J. Liq. Chromatogr. Relat. Technol.

Volume: v 29

Issue: n 16

Issue date: Sep 1 2006

Publication year: 2006

Pages: p 2367-2385

Language: English

ISSN: 1082-6076


Document type: Journal article (JA)

Publisher: Taylor and Francis Inc., Philadelphia PA, PA 19106, United States

Abstract: The quinazoline derivatives reported in this work belong to a new group of compounds with a type of chemical bonding that has potential anticancer features. A biochemical study determining anticancer activity of quinazoline derivatives and N3 -quinazoline oxide will be conducted in the medium of 0.2% DMSO. The HPLC method was used to determine stabilities of these compounds in a biochemical study environment. Optimisation of the chromatographic system and validation of the established analytical method was performed. Analysis of the stabilities of the derivatives examined was performed in the reversed phase RP-18 system, in which pure acetonitrile was used as an eluent for the analysis of compounds 1 and 3 , and a mixture of acetonitrile/methanol in the ratio of 95/5% for compounds 2 and 4 . The HPLC analysis revealed that the compounds studied are homogeneous in the 0.2% DMSO medium, up to 96 hours. Copyright ? Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Number of references: 8

Ei main heading: Nitrogen compounds

Ei controlled terms: Derivatives - Stability - Chemical bonds - Tumors - Biochemistry - High performance liquid chromatography - Acetonitrile - Methanol

Uncontrolled terms: HPLC - RP-18 - Quinazoline - Quinazoline N3oxide

Ei classification codes: 804.1 Organic Compounds - 801.4 Physical Chemistry - 801.2 Biochemistry

Treatment: Theoretical (THR)

DOI: 10.1080/10826070600864817

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