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Insightful, informative and a must-read for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry professionals, Contract Pharma provides its readers with the essential mix of industry news, technical features and association event coverage they need to stay on top of this competitive industry.
Contract Pharma's focused editorial lineup is backed by an editorial advisory board comprising industry professionals from top pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and contract service providers.
The reorganization of the pharmaceutical industry in the early 1990s has led to a significant paradigm shift in drug discovery, development and manufacturing. The race to commercialize novel pharmaceutical products has forced biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies to contract out critical components of the drug development process. Industry analysts predict that outsourcing of drug research and development will grow 15% to 20% annually, topping $20 billion in 2000. Contract Pharma will help guide the growth of this industry with timely news, financial analysis and wide-ranging industry perspectives.
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