Compact, Practical Bench-Top Freeze Drying
Compact, Practical Bench-Top Freeze Drying
April 2005
Biopharma Process Systems
Compact, Practical Bench-Top Freeze Drying
A compact, and competitively priced freeze-drying unit which incorporates a number of practical features, is available from BIOPHARMA PROCESS SYSTEMS LTD, the UK and Ireland representative for VirTis.
The versatile VirTis Benchtop K series freeze dryers are designed to sit on a laboratory bench or small laboratory cart, and in addition to a new competitive pricing structure are being offered with a 'Complimentary Gift Package' which provides basic accessories required for freeze-drying.
All BTK freeze dryers can handle bulk, vial or flask drying and will suit most applications due to a wide range of optional condenser temperatures ranging from -55??C to -105??C, the lowest temperature available and designed specifically for solvent work. Condenser capacities from 2 to 5 litres in 24 hours (total capacity 3 to 9 litres) and a comprehensive range of accessories ensure the BTK series of freeze dryers are the most flexible units available and particularly suited to situations where space is limited. The BTK series incorporate a unique, patented two position shelf allowing both freezing and freeze-drying in the condenser chamber - useful if a low temperature freezer is not available. Standard features also include vacuum control for faster freeze-drying, and a special integrated hot gas defrost function for fast turn around times, so no hot water is required.
Additional options include many different lucite and stainless steel manifold designs, heated and unheated shelf racks and stoppering assemblies allowing users to tailor the BTK for their specific freeze-drying process.
Also available is the patented drying rate windmill, which provides the user with a quick visual indication when freeze-drying is complete.
The VirTis SLC microprocessor control system is standard on all BTK's providing users with an easy-to-use interface with full function control, precise vacuum regulation, digital vacuum and temperature monitoring, system alarms and even alerts the user when the vacuum pump oil requires changing. Optionally available for the BT4K and BT6K is the ALC control system.
This offers all the features of the SLC system along with precise temperature control of optional product drying racks, recipe driven cycles and an expanded alarm package. Optional workstation software will soon be available allowing complete data collection and historical trending of freeze-drying cycles.
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