Centrifugal Evaporator Offers High Speed Evaporation
Centrifugal Evaporator Offers High Speed Evaporation
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The Model HT-4X centrifugal evaporator features advanced technology that accelerates lyophilization of water and water mixtures by as much as 300%. The Lyospeed process combines the proprietary high performance centrifugal evaporation technology with sample lyophilization to deliver an advance in preparing heat sensitive samples from aqueous solution. The instrument offers high speed evaporation, short condenser defrost time, powerful software and the flexibility to accommodate a range of sample formats. A built-in dual chamber refrigerated condenser combines a powerful cryopump and solvent recovery system. This chamber, together with extra powerful IR lamps, accelerates the evaporation speed, even for high boiling point solvents. The instrument comes with a built-in full color screen with remote control and data logging. Comprehensive display of real-time data allows easy methods development for a range of applications.
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