Antibody and Peptide Display May 14-15, 2007

Antibody and Peptide Display May 14-15, 2007
Boston, MA
Display methods are essential tools for selecting and expressing biologically-active molecules that are essential to the pipeline of novel protein therapeutics. Phage, mRNA, bacteria, yeast, peptide, antibody, and ribosome display can be utilized to create ligands for therapeutics that can be directed against a broad range of targets, including intractable ones. There is a growing need to create repertoires of imaging ligands. Join the discussion to find out how novel scaffolds and antibody alternatives can optimize the function of these protein therapeutics and improve their synthesis. We will also hear case histories of molecules that were generated by phage display that have made their way to clinical trials.
Topics Include (but are not limited to):
Phage Display Guided Selection of Ligands:
Improving Affinity
Lowering Immunogenicity
Increasing Stability
Engineering Antibody Alternatives
Designing Biologically Active Molecules with Novel Scaffolds
Introducing Automation Downstream
Getting Antibodies Across the Blood-Brain Barrier
Making Synthetic Amino Acids and Peptides
Mapping Functional Sites on Target Proteins
Improving Methods of Screening Epitope Libraries
Producing Humanized, Complex Therapeutic Proteins
Creating Cell-Based Libraries
Expressing Difficult to Display Proteins
Selecting of Imaging Ligands by Phage Display
If you would like to submit a proposal to give a presentation at this meeting please send us, by fax or email, a title and brief 3-5 sentence summary of a proposed topic in the area of display methodologies.
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