6th Contract Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals - June 25 - 27, 2007

6th Contract Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals
Utilizing Local and International Outsourcing to Gain and Sustain Competitive Advantage
June 25 - 27, 2007 ? Hotel Whitcomb, San Francisco, CA
Benefits of Attending
Why should I attend?
Extensive Lay-offs and internal re-organization of pharmaceutical companies is a growing trend. Companies are choosing to focus on in-house expertise, while leaving the manufacturing and risks associate with facilities managment to contract manufacturing organizations (CMO's) The 6th Contract Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals was developed to address both the opportunities and roadblocks of outsourcing internationally and partnering with other pharmaceutical companies.
Who will I meet and who is speaking?
Our speaker faculty is made up of YOUR peers ? so that you are in the best position to benefit from their real-life best practices. Take the valuable lessons they?ve learned back to your own organization and apply them immediately! Some of the distinguished faculty include:
David Pulham, Ph.D. Former Investigator Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Chairman, Compliance Board, Siegfried USA Inc.
Hamid Mollah, Ph.D. RAC, CQE, Quality Operations, Validation Genetech, Inc.
Zafeer Ahmad, Ph.D. Vice President, Porcess Development and Manufacturing, NeoPharm, Inc.
Shelley Abrams, Quality Assurance Consultant, Eli Lilly & Co.
Adam Sabouni, PhD. Global Vice President Pharmaceutical Sciences and Process Development, Stiefel Laboratories, Glades Pharmaceuticals
Doris St. John, CQA Manager, Supplier Quality Global Pharmaceutical Supply Group (GPSG) Johnson & Johnson
Steve Pondell, Director of Manufacturing Encysive Pharmaceutical Inc.
Michael Kays, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Valeant Pharmaceuticals International
Jyanwei Liu, Ph.D. Associate Director API Development, Technical Development, Intermune Inc.
Ronald Miller Ph.D. Director, New Technology Bristol-Myers Squibb
Richard Trevino, Director, Biologics Development, Technical Development, InterMune Inc.
My-Lien Bui Director, External Quality Biochemical New Ventures Genetech
James Henshilwood, Director, Pharmaceutical Operations, Arena Pharmaceuticals
Paula J. Shadle, Ph.D. Principal Consultant, Shadle Consulting
Paul Woitach, Managing Partner, Pharmaceutical Advisors LLC
Frank Ho, Director of Development, Raven Bioscience
Don't miss this event because...
Because? The conference will be a three-day event that will feature industry workshops, panel discussions, and extensive networking opportunities. You will hear expert insights from your reputable peers on topics such as:
Bridging the Gap between Yours and CMO's expectations While Remaining Compliant
Outsourcing of IL13-PE38QQR, a Tumor Targeting Fusion Protein, for Phase 3 to Conformance Lots Manufacturing
Impementing a Risk-Based Approach to Auditing Your Suppliers
Utilizing Soft Skills to Strengthen Relationship with your CMO
HIV Drug Product Technical Transfer to Generic Companies in India & South Africa
Outsourcing to the European Union and Monitoring and Evaluation of CMO's from a Fully Virtual Company
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